Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo a Day Challenge - Day 16

I took this one today on our walk.  the neighborhood was eerily quiet for lunch time on a friday today.  it was the calm before the storm we're having tonight.  it was good to be out in it.  we took our time and I enjoyed taking it all in, as did Coop - stopping to sniff at as many spots as he possibly could.

Bryce, Mabel and I are all sick this week...  Mabel started vomiting on Sunday night, by Tuesday night I was vomiting and then Bryce got his turn this morning at around 2am*.  So this week has been pretty domestic.  Taking care of Mabel and each other, eating bland foods, drinking gatorade and pedialyte and washing sheets, towels, and baby clothes like a mad woman.  ah the joys of parenthood...

hope you have a wonderful (vomit-free) weekend


*I had no idea that babies could give us their illnesses - I guess I just assumed that their germs were baby sized and while they pick up all sorts of things from other kids, us adults were immune.  I mean, I never get sick... ugh.  I was wrong... 

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