Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 months

Our baby girl is 9 months old! 
it happened in a heart beat, really.  just like everyone tells you it does - but you never understand how that could be.
she's blossomed into quite the little character.  she's got spunk.  
she's cheeky. and she knows how to charm you.  look at that cheeky grin :)
 - 9 months old
 - 11.5kg (25.1 pounds)
 - 75.5cm (29.75 inches)
 - (97th percentile for both height and weight)
 - 2 teeth with another on the way
 - sleeps all the way through the night (yay!)
 - sitting up by herself and starting to pull herself up on things and getting into a semi crawling position
 - makes her way around the floor, by pushing herself backwards on her belly.

these days are super fun for me.  I spend hours each day sitting and playing with her.  she's not quite mobile yet but so eager to know about anything and everything around her.   she's really into music and loves listening to me sing (glad someone does).  loves playing with all her different toys but is equally entertained by a cardboard box or the tags on her bib.  is quite the daredevil and loves the wind in her hair.  she loves going fast on the swing, jumping in her jumper and when daddy flips her over and upside down.  lights up when you enter the room and gives a little squeal of delight when Cooper comes near her.  loves playing peekaboo.  says dadadada over and over again.  and working  on mumumum :)

i couldn't love her more if I tried.


  1. so adorable in her little onesie. and those cheeks!!! i want to squeeze them.

  2. Thanks Kelly - you're going to know all about the onsies soon enough :)


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