Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodbye Darling McKenzie

the last month or so has been big a one for us. and at a time of our biggest happiness, we also experienced our deepest sadness. :(

5 weeks ago, our little McKenzie was hit by a car and killed out the front of our house. I have been trying to write this post for the last month... but it is just so hard. I still expect to see her happy little face come running round the corner with a squeaky toy in her mouth.
it happened in an instant - she was taken from us. she frolicked out onto the road after her big brother Cooper to go see another doggy on the other side. she wouldn't have seen it coming and she wouldn't have felt a thing. unfortunately we are the ones left to feel her loss.
she was with us for just over 2 and a half years, but boy did we love her - she totally earned her nickname of Mischievous McKenzie but she put a smile on our faces every single day. although it took Coop a long time to warm to her, he is heartbroken also. the place is so empty without her. we know in time the pain will go away, and we just wait for that day.
but, we must celebrate her life. she was the sweetest little girl, who loved us unconditionally. we rescued her from the humane society when she was just a pup, and gave her the best life a doggy can have.
she had a nice big yard to run free in and soak up the rays
a big brother to snuggle
to keep her warm
and to pester
she had an endless supply of treats
squeaky toys
play dates
and park visits
she went on camping trips
beach tripshikes
car rides
and even boat tripsShe not only had Cooper as her big brother, she had a best friend in Max.
she warmed not only our hearts but our bed as we'd often wake up with her snuggled right under the sheets down at your feet - without us even knowing...
it happened the day after we brought Mabel home from the hospital, and while Mabel had gotten to hear her barks and funny little howl while she was in my belly
this was as close as they really got...
I have a feeling the 3 of them would have gotten into all sorts of mischief together.
she had a great life, if but a short one. Bryce said to me "All Dogs Go to Heaven" and I imagine her running around there with a smile on her face just like this photo here.
we love you and miss you so much our little McKenzie!


  1. oh no. oh, sweetie.

    i'm so so so sorry to hear of this.

    she was very lucky to have you. and she really did have a wonderful life.

    big hug.

  2. :( This is so sad, Kate. Losing a pet is always hard but it's just terrible that it happened under such awful circumstances. I guess the only positive is that she didn't suffer. But it's just not fair, is it?

    It looks like she had an extremely happy life with you, Bryce and Cooper - and Mabel for the shortest of times. And you've got some beautiful photos to reemmber her by. The one of her and Cooper on the beach is a crack up, they look like they're running around like a pair of mentals :)

    Much love to you guys. xx

  3. I remember seeing a photo of your two dogs laying together and that's the reason I started to follow your blog. I just lost my cat a week ago from a Coyote attack so I feel the pain. Keep strong.

  4. Oh my goodness... this is so sad!
    I'm so sorry to hear about this... I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes!

    I feel so sad for you guys, I can only imagine your heartbreak... and little Coop missing his little Kenzie... it must break your heart more!

    I have to agree with Bryce and believe that 'All dogs go to heaven'... she was such a sweetheart and had such a beautiful nature, she will be welcomed to doggy heaven with Lots of Love and Hugs!

    Lots of love xx
    Love Deb x

  5. What a beautiful post. I'm so, so sad you lost your little friend. I miss her little button eyes, her crazy tongue, and her soft little bean shape. I hope you're doing much better - big hugs from us.

  6. I'm so sorry, Kate. What a beauty! I'm glad your darling Mabel got to meet her and that you have a picture of the two. You'll see your sweet girl at the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. good gawd KBM+C!! i didn't know until i checked your website today! SO sorry to hear about this.

  8. thanks guys - your kind words mean so much to us. Happy posts to come, I promise! :)


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