Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've been threatening to start a garden for the last few years and never seemed to find any time or energy to actually do it. Add to that the fact that my thumb is not green, it's black, so me getting anything to grow is pretty much not going to happen. Until now! It was a bit of a late start getting everything into the ground but I should have a crop of about 16 different things. SO excited! I'm even getting ready to start pickling and canning in case I end up with more than we can eat or share this year. I tried to stick to all organic and heirlooms because I think the flavor is so much better. If everything grows we're going to have cucumbers, red peppers, jalapenos, pumpkins, honeydew, cantaloupe, tomatos, buttercup squash, zucchini, basil, rosemary, um... and some other stuff. I forgot to label everything and can't remember them all. We should have a few surprises come up over the next few weeks.
Here's a wheelbarrow full of plants and herbs that I actually watered!

Who knew water was so critical to success....
Here's this little guy looking so small and fragile.

He's going to hopefully grow into a wonderful pumpkin patch for the kiddies to visit in October and choose a jack-o-lantern to carve.So far, so good

Cody hates tomatoes, but I love them so we have three plants and I'm considering more. These are all heirlooms and I'm looking forward to all the different colors and flavors.

Looks like we'll have some soon!

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