Thursday, June 16, 2011

I must admit it feels strange being here

Hello Flufflefritz! It's been a long, long time since I've visited you.

It's a very strange feeling to be writing again when I've had such a long absence. I'll be heading out in a few minutes for a girls' night out and am planning to take my friends Holly and Danielle on the world famous 'round the world tour originally invented with Kate. I got nostalgic and was looking through our old posts when the mood struck to write a bit. Kate and I each had our babies just a few months apart and I'm looking forward to lots of play dates and family camping trips. Savannah is growing fast and I miss her intensely during the day. She's a very happy baby and rarely fusses. She even giggles in her sleep - a sound that breaks my heart every time I hear it. I was warned that babies grow up too fast, but I never believed it. Now I find myself trying to cling to every second I spend with her because I already miss her littleness.
Smiling in her sleep


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