Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma Tweet Crocheted a Sweater

I had no idea my mom has been secretly clipping patterns for baby stuff for years and years until the night I went to visit her when I was several months pregnant and she asked if I wanted to take a look at some patterns for the baby. I said, "sure" thinking there'd be a small stack to look through and was amazed and overwhelmed when my mom busted out an enormous stack of files of patterns, all neatly labeled, for the grandchild she'd apparently been dreaming of for the past 20 or so years. She had patterns saved from outfits she had sewn for me when I was little along with pattens that he own mother had sewn for her. It took several hours to whittle the stack down to a manageable number of things I'd actually want and ever since then Grandma Tweet has been hard at work making all the cute baby clothes I've requested. She presented us with this latest creation on Sunday. It's the perfect size and color, but right now the weather is too hot to wear it. I'm hoping cooler weather this weekend so Savannah can model her new sweater.

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  1. so cute! she's very talented that mum of yours!


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