Thursday, May 5, 2011

recycle this wallpaper?

the renovations are coming along, and today I spent the morning removing the wallpaper in the hallway. it was a bittersweet feeling. it couldn't stay - McKenzie saw to that in her early days with us, and we'd always intended to take it down. but it had just grown on us, as most of the wallpaper in this place has.
everyone told us it would be a b*tch to take down (since it has probably been there for 40 plus years) but it peeled off so easily and in perfect sheets for the most part.I was left with these great whole sturdy pieces and thought what a great craft project it would make.
imagine the right little cabinet lined with this bright and sunny I got online to come up with a few ideas to justify hanging onto this stuff. and was instantly inspired...
and here.

now I just have to find a place to hide it that Bryce won't throw it out on me :P

PS - if you'd like some let me know and I can send you some, there is a bunch of it.

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