Thursday, May 5, 2011

baby girl or baby boy?

I am officially on maternity leave. I have been since Monday, but worked most of Monday and Tuesday... not that I had to, I just hate leaving things unfinished. not working is hard. it's hard to just turn off. does anyone else have this issue?

or maybe I'm in denial? that in 3 weeks I will be a mum... most mums-to-be at this point, have everything all set and they are in the cooking mode. stocking up the freezer with meals for once baby is here. the baby room is fully decorated, and they are just waiting for the day to come as quickly as possible... that. is. not. me.

the baby room is missing drywall, baseboards, window trim etc - let alone ready for setting up the crib. I'm not freaking out about it either. although most people I tell about it (my Dr included) are. I figure the baby won't know where s/he is sleeping for a while now - and will be sleeping in our room anyway.

my girlfriends threw me a baby shower on the weekend (Thank you Hannah!) after much resistance from me... am I the only one not into baby showers? I came home with a great stash of goodies from a baby bath, a diaper genie, toys, bottles and other essentials and when I brought them in the house I thought - where am I going to put all this? as if I should put it away for when baby comes - but then it hit me, I need to get this all in a place where I can use them. and soon.

with that, I went online and bought the baby car seat, which is pretty much the only thing you must have to be able to leave the hospital. it arrived yesterday. I tried it on for size, carried it in front of a mirror. to see if I looked like a real mum. I just look like someone posing as a mum (with a basketball up my shirt)...

so, this week I have been online window shopping for baby goodness to get me in the mood. since we are opting for surprise baby, I can't really buy too much (plus I have nowhere to store it at this point) so I created myself some pinterest boards to keep track of where I can find everything that I love.

here are a few of my favourite things :) and you can find them all either here, here or here

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