Wednesday, April 20, 2011

garage transformation

we've been renovating our garage slowly over the last year or so... we figured it was a good place to start - for us to practice on.
first we started with the back potting shed, which although was very handy was rotting away and basically a rat hotel...
then it was time for a new door
which inspired a colour schemebut before we painted we needed to tackle the inside and make some space
in August we decided it was time to start stripping the outside and started with a heat gun - which turned out to be a very slow process... and if there was lead in the paint, not very safe
we found this great tool thanks to Lauren and Kyle over at Chezerby called a paint shaver pro which literally takes about 4 layers of paint off in one swoop.
you just hook it up to the vacuum cleaner and shave away
at first we thought it wasn't that great - they'd made it look so easy on their website
and then he got the hang of the tool (we were dragging the tool in the wrong direction at first) - and the paint came off so easy!
but we only got as far as this wall before we had to call it a day...
renovating is so glam...
a couple of weeks later, with the offer of a helper we set to work on the cracked up driveway
it took us a while, but by September we finally got rid of all that concrete. we used some of it in our berm, and the rest by piling it outside the fence and listing it for free fill on craigslist
then we kind of got side tracked on other projects, and work, holidays and getting pregnant... and before you know it it's April...

so with the pressure of the baby coming soon and so many unfinished projects hanging over our heads we decided to get some help and last week we hired Sergio! we introduced him to the paint shaver pro
and the real transformation I snapped a few last photos for posterity
I went out to discover our neighbours were finally getting rid of the mess of trees that have been pushing over our fence
I'm usually not a fan of killing trees, but these things would drop sticky stuff into our yardand replacing our very old worn out fence would have just been a waste with them still thereso I was happy to see that everyone had caught the spring cleaning bug.
I left Coop to supervise Sergio and headed off to work
and came home to so much progress
by the weekend the garage had been fully stripped, patched, rotted pieces replaced, sanded and primed all ready for the gutters and paintall the tough work was done so we were excited to help
you'll note that my overalls don't quite fit like they used to... but Coop doesn't seem to mind. :)
yesterday I came home to this
and we wondered why we didn't just hire someone sooner...

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  1. How different does it look?! The colour scheme is great, love the pop of red on the door. Must feel pretty satisfying to get big jobs like that finished.


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