Monday, March 21, 2011

this and that

I know I haven't really been blogging much here lately so here's a little catchup post on what we've been up to in the last little while.
Spring has sprungand the days have been pretty amazing
we've been visiting new borns
and practicing feeding and burping
spending most weekends at the hardware store choosing all the different things for our renovationcatching up with friends
and enjoying some good foodand even cooking some, togetherand taking cheesy photos while we do :Pbaby's crib arrived
and I'm still working on that blanket
but s/he will be here before we know it
we're still enjoying our morning walks, but I don't go as often as I used to, since sleeping is not so easy anymore - so Bryce let's me sleep in while he takes them out :)
time is flying by
we're finishing up our birthing classes this week - which I am not sure makes us qualified, but that's the idea...
McKenzie has been bitten by a bee, caught a cold, and told she has to cut down on the treats by her vet...
and she still doesn't like dress ups...I think Coop knows something's up, but just hasn't figured out what yet.
McKenzie's BFF Max has come to visit a few times, which makes for some tired puppies :)
I found the perfect frames for my vintage childhood records -
we used to play these every time I slept over at my nanna's house
but the days just seem to run into each other these days...
we're just trying to savour every moment

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