Friday, February 4, 2011

6 months

today is the 24 week mark for our pregnancy and so far so good.

I've learned a lot about all sorts of things from the strange things your body does once you're pregnant to the way people treat you when they see your bump - like they just come up and touch you... seriously...

I must admit I've been pretty lucky with this whole pregnancy thing, I didn't get morning sickness (so far), and our baby seems to be growing nicely.

baby started out as this little lima bean
date: 12 October 2010 (7 weeks)
length: 6cm (2.3inches) long

then s/he started to look a bit more like a baby in week 13
date: 23 November (week 13)
length: 15cm (5.9 inches)
amazing how much they develop so quickly
we found out s/he has all of their little fingers from this shot (well at least on one hand) :)
the day we had this photo taken baby was not very cooperative, so the photo didn't turn out great, but for a minute s/he looked right at us and I swear mouthed the first word. mumma! I swear! :)

date: 10 January (week 20)
length: 21cm (8.2 inches)
at week 21 we found out that baby has my nose... and that everything looks to be in order.

date: 18 January (week 21)
length: ?
isn't technology amazing!?

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