Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They're Growing!

We take the chicks outside to play everyday. They mostly stay in one spot
and like to huddle under the roses. They're getting hard to catch so we have
to wait until they fall asleep to bring them back inside.
Nancy is my bold and curious girl.
She is alway the first to come check things out.

As you can see the girls are growing and will soon be feathered out enough to live outside in their coop. As for the coop, I have been looking high and low for one that's affordable and large, but haven't had much luck. Did you know a new coop costs about $600, and the ones on Craigslist that are used aren't much cheaper? I was getting desperate because the chicks need to live outside soon, but sorting out their coop situation was problematic until I realized we have a perfectly sized garden shed that we never use out back that would be perfect for them. So this weekend we're hauling all the rusty, crusty tools out (the ones that are still useful will get moved into the garage) and then overhauling the shed into a new coop. All we have to do is weather and predator proof it, build the nesting boxes and roosting bar, and build a pen for them to play in and viola! new coop for around $200. I'm really happy because not only am I saving money and recycling the shed, but it's a great size for my flock. I will try to remember to take pictures of the project.


  1. they are sooo cute!!!! they are getting so big! i can't wait till you start showing pictures of their nests with eggs! i know coops are crazy expensive! there was one that was SUPER cute featured in sunset magazine and it was more then that! how about building your own? my cousin's cousin built her one and it is super awesome...i am sure there are instructions somewhere on the web! can't wait to see what you end up doing!


  2. Oh they are SO CUTE! Best of luck with the coop! :)


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