Thursday, October 7, 2010

3000 Miles up!

you've got to love modern technology don't you? I am here on my flight to Dallas and online. the plane has wifi - what better way to eat up 3 hours of flight time than work and surf the web...

too bad for the nosy guy looking over my shoulder reading this right now (he just asked me if my name was flufflefritz...) I knew I should have brought that privacy screen for my mac - sigh...

the launch of our product went so well yesterday in san francisco. it really was like introducing your baby to the world, and I am not even in the product development team. I am in the marketing team.

so world, I'd like you to meet ūmi. I was a little hesitant to mix work and this blog, but I am really excited about this - and if you're like me with friends and family far from you this might be just the thing you need!

so now I am Dallas bound, which should be fun.

hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Well, hi there, Flufflefritz :) (What a knucklehead)

    Ooh, a shiny new tv! Exciting!

  2. What! You're kidding! Not only was he peeking, but he admitted to his peeking? The nerve!
    Also, I can't believe that you're on the Internet in an airplane. As a neurotic airplane-phobic flier who freaks out when I see a cell phone turned on, I think I've decidedly chosen trains for the rest of my life :)
    Umi looks great! I've really gotta step it up, my white Panasonic TV with a built in VHS player is feeling ancient. Maybe it's time to buy myself an hdtv...

  3. yeah, maybe I should change my name to flufflefritz...

    so umi, is not the tv, but the camera that is on top of the tv that allows you to do HD video chat to your friends and family.

    here's a little video


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