Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy weekend

even thought bryce and I both worked this weekend, we got to hang out with our two favourite furry folk, and that made for a happy weekend.
what fun did you get up to?


  1. I had a really fun weekend! Though now I'm sick- blah. I ran in The Dirty Dash- a 10k through a bunch o mud. So. Much. Mud.

  2. Our weekend was great - although HOT. Yesterday (monday) was the hottest day in recorded history in Los Angeles (113 degrees!!) and the weekend was equally scorching. We stayed indoors most of the time - saw The Town (darn good!) and went to see Rain, the most awesome Beatles tribute ever.
    It was a pretty good weekend, until we tried to go to sleep. It's pretty hard to fall asleep when it's 92degrees inside the apartment.

    Hope you've been doing well...I've been pretty absent from blogging lately. Life is getting in the way!

  3. Such cutie photos. Mckenzies legs look long! I didn't think she was that tall.


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