Thursday, September 9, 2010

got dirt? (or how to ruin a manicure)

the next phase of our berm is to cover the recycled concrete with dirt, preferably clay based so it will stick to the concrete some and make it more solid. so I found someone on craigslist giving away free dirt and last night they came and delivered for free :)
there was a 12 cubic yard minimum which sounded like a good amount, but when this massive dump truck rocked up, I was a little scared to say the least... I am a metrically speaking Australian, and even though I know 1 yard = 3 feet = 90 cms etc it is hard to visual what 12 cubic yards of dirt looks like... until the pile was almost as tall as me!
I had him dump it as close as he could to the berm to save us some shovelingfor your reference, this is what 12 cubic yards of dirt looks like. our neighbour came across the road to ask if we were building a mountain in our front yard... right at about the time I began to freak out at the amount of shoveling was going to be needed. I assured him (and myself) it was all going to be fine...after a few hours of Bryce and I shoveling, we've already put a ding in this great pile of dirt! (as well as my manicure...) and with a few more days (or weeks) of shoveling we should be ready for the next layer of top soil :)


  1. lol - that is CERTAINLY a LOT of dirt! So far looking good, can't wait to see the final results.


  2. Haha! If only we all had the same measurement-speak (I don't know how else to word that!): I can only understand how much babies weigh when it's said in pounds, no idea if a 3kg baby is tiny or a whopper. Kilometers, good; miles, bad. I have inches cut off my hair, not centimeters. It's all so very confusing!!

    I'm wondering if you pronounce 'craigslist' the American way: 'creggslist'?! Whenever I heard one of my America or Canadian friends say that name, I got the giggles. Cregg.

  3. It looks great! Who knew dirt could be so intimidating? And how lucky you are to find someone with free dirt who actually DELIVERS? Nice!

    I'm so pumped about your berm...can't wait to see it finished.


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