Tuesday, September 7, 2010

feels like monday

you've got to admit, coming back to work from this
is hard.

we had the most magical time in Yosemite this long weekend - what fun things did you get up to?


  1. I still can't get over your van. Every time I see it, I partially faint.

  2. Beeeauuutiful! I've never been to Yosemite. Well, wait. I guess I did when I was a wee one. But that doesn't count, b/c I don't remember! xo

  3. our weekend was certainly not as good as THAT!! amazing pics... we must get there one day..

  4. ahhhh, Yosemite is amazing. It's a little overcrowded, but gorgeous none the less. We're heading there for a long weekend trip in October...I hope it's not too too freezing by then. :)


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