Tuesday, August 10, 2010

you say tomato

I'm so happy to report that our roma tomatoes are ripe and ready to eat, with still so many more on the vine. our cherry tomato plant has tripled in size since we planted it (it's almost 5 feet tall!) and has the cutest little bunches of baby tomatoes on it - I am just waiting for them to ripen up.
here's a tomato salad I made the other night which is sort of a different take on a caprece salad which was delicious!
I cut up some cherry tomatoes (and the two ripe romas from my plant), baby mozzarella cheese, fresh basil (from my garden) and some sun dried tomatoes, drizzled some balsamic vinegar glaze, sprinkled some pepper and salt, then shook the whole thing in a salad bowl.

so easy. so fresh and delish!


  1. Oh my Kate I'm so jealous! I grew up eating my mom's fresh organic sunsweetened tomatoes and they were just AWESOME. I long for the day when I can grow my own!

    For now, it's just yucky store-bought tomatoes, not sweet or juicy at all. Even the Farmer's Market ones don't stand up. Augh!

  2. My tomatoes just turned red, finally, too! I plan on eating my very first Roma tonight!

  3. Very cool! I have a small little garden on my patio and it feels so cool to be able to eat my own veggies with dinner. I looked yesterday and noticed that the peppers I planted are now turning a nice deep red, very excited to see how the flavor has changed. :)

    Congrats on the fruits of your labor.



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