Monday, August 2, 2010

sunday at the alameda flea market

yesterday we spent about 5 hours at the alameda flea market in oakland, which seems like a long time, but we hardly scratched the surface... it opens at 7:30am and we had good intentions of being there bright and early but 10am was the best we could manage on a sunday morning. the line up was quite long to get in, but I really didn't notice as I was too excited by my celebrity sighting :) see that great yellow floral coat - that's Victoria from sfgirlbybay! but silly me, I was too shy to say hi, and all I could muster was a smile :) check out her great photos hereonce inside the gates there are isles and isles of tables full of beautiful, kooky and vintage things
we had fun with these geeky glasses
the day started out with the usual bay fog making it quite chilly
but as the fog cleared the sun shone down making it hot in the city! (and bryce and I have the sunburns to prove it)
we didn't go too crazy buying things, I bought 3 retro scarves at $1 each and a little red stool/plant stand for $10 and bryce bought a fat tire neon sign for the garage for $30 (although I think he really wanted to take one of these vintage bikes with him too)
but pretty much anything you could think of you could probably find at this place and if you haven't been, and you live in the bay area I really recommend this as a great way to spend a sunday
oh and this guy: I forgot to ask how much they wanted for him, but this is a real live (dead) bear (poor guy), and he really was this tall - we are standing at the same level. his paws were the size of my head! imagine walking into someones house and seeing this guy standing there???


  1. Ah! What fun! I wish we had something as big as that over here... And it's so funny you counted that as a 'celebrity sighting', though, I suppose, if I were in the same shoes I would, too :)

  2. haha Melina - well I read her blog everyday, and then to see her in the flesh I was like wow, that's Victoria! If I saw you at a flea market Melina I'd classify you as a celebrity sighting too :) it's funny this blogging thing, anyone can put themselves out there, and you get to know these people from a distance, and become to rely on their great posts etc... I dunno, I thought it was pretty cool :)

  3. Ahh flea markets! They are definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning. I love them.

    Congrats on your celeb sighting! :)


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