Wednesday, August 4, 2010


my dad reads my blog. he gets an email each time I post something and sends me comments about this or that, and when we are chatting tells me he likes this or that we did etc. this blog was partly meant for my family that live over the other side of the world (in australia), bryce's family who live in another state (oregon) to show them the things we are doing, places we are seeing and then also as a way of keeping all the things in one place for me - I don't know how many times I've referenced back to posts to remind me about where I went for something, or what we did that weekend etc.

one thing he always says to me though when he sees how much stuff we are constantly doing, is to not forget to stop and smell the roses.

I'm reading the happiness project right now, (that I downloaded on ibooks on my iphone - which is pure genius, but beside the point...), thanks to Melina and when I first started reading it, I thought to myself, I've already done this: about 8 years ago I left a marriage and a life I was no longer happy with and travelled to the other side of the world to find my happiness. from the outside it looked like I had the perfect life, whatever could I have to be unhappy about? it took great courage to leave my family, my possessions, my friends with no plan, and no money, and go to a foreign place - my family thought I'd gone crazy, and they were angry. but I knew I had to do it. I thought I'd go back to that life, and that I was really just taking a time-out - but once removed, I realised that it was not the life I wanted for myself and it really hit me that life is what we are living now. I also realised that you are the only person who can change it. people say things like I'd change this but I can't because of that - but that's really only as true as you let it be...

my favourite quote that helped my departure from my old life is "life is not a dress rehearsal" I woke up one day and realised I was living my life like that - I was approaching 30 and my list of things I wanted to achieve was dangling like a carrot out in front of me and never getting any closer... I'd been compromising for so long, that I wasn't really sure what I wanted.

so many people spend their time striving for a goal that will the 'make' them happy, saying things to themselves like 'when I do this or that then I will be happy', 'when I lose 10 pounds I will be happy', 'when I make that much money I will be happy' but imagine the life you are missing by constantly focusing on the future - life is what you're living now, and you have to stop and smell the roses and not let life pass you by.

but as I read on I realise that there are so many other areas I can improve my happiness, like that list of nagging tasks that need doing (make that dentist appointment, mend those shoes, sort out my 401k/ superannuation etc) and I'm excited to read on... I'd definitely recommend this book and this blog. check out Melina's happiness project over here too.

so Dad, I want you to know that I do stop and smell the roses - I took this photo on our monday morning walk with the dogs to prove it to you. and it smelled beautiful and sweet! the older I get the more sense he makes - what's that about??? :P love you


  1. What a great message!I have to admit, in a lot of parts of my life I am driven towards the future - constantly thinking about getting married and having kids and being a mom and not enjoying the fact that I'm young and life is meant to be lived in the moment!

    I'll try to remember more, I promise! I definitely need to follow your dad's advice :)

  2. What a perfectly written post! I have all these things that I want to say in response but they are all swirling around nonsensically in my head! Anyway, suffice it to say, I absolutely know what you mean. Am off to check out that book now ... :)

  3. Well aren't we wise today!! hee hee...

    Very glad you had that courage or I would never have met & made such an awesome friend :)

    And I love the blog too... it's like having coffee with you each day!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
    I will be writing back to you via email, but I'm at my boyfriend's right now and we're baking :) I'll send one over probably tomorrow!

  5. Not all of us were angry. Some were supportive if I remember correctly :p You will always be my big Sis and you still teach me lots...even though I hate to admit it. But fact is you gave me courage to start living my life and I thank you for that and I love you so very much! And yes Dad does seem to make more sense the older we get ;)

    Holly xxx


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