Thursday, August 26, 2010

italy dreaming

are you reading or have you read eat, pray, love? I am reading it now and spending each night in Rome, and loving it. I want to go back asap!


  1. Ah! I just read this book and passed it off to my sister-in-law. The Italy (or "Eat") part of the book was my favorite. Really you cannot read this book without wanting to travel the world. It's one of those books where you think "uh....well I can rediscover myself too if I can get an advance to can I make that happen?"

    The Man and I had big plans to take a month off next Summer and travel too, but now that we're more seriously contemplating buying a home we think it will have to wait. The itch to leave and explore may drive me insane before then, but we'll have to wait and see. :)


  2. AAH! You'll get a kick out of this - Bre (above) is my sister-in-law, and she gave the book to me on Friday! I haven't started it yet (finishing up Julie & Julia), but can't wait. I'm a little worried because my wanderlust is so strong already...reliving being in Italy might just kill me.

    The BF and I were daydreaming the other day about moving back to Europe. I think we could really do it if we wanted to in about two years. It's my dream, but in reality it probably will never happen. We can dream, right?

    I wish I could live my life all over again...really just the past few years. I guess we will have loads of time, we are still so young! :)

  3. yay! I'm glad you're finally reading it.

  4. I'm dying to go back to Italy :( I started reading Eat, Pray, Love a little while ago and absolutely LOVED reading about her time in Rome, but have stalled now that she is in India. That reminds me - must finish reading the book.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Bre and Amie, you guys are too funny! what a small world :)

    Bre - my advice would be once you have a mortgage you'll never be able to go on a great european vacation, I'd go before you buy :) definitely worth every penny!

    Amie - you lived in Europe??? do tell!

    Christina - thanks for recommending it to me

    Natasha - I was afraid about the India part, not there yet though...

  6. Ha.
    Right, so I tried reading this book years ago and couldn't make it through the first 10 pages, I thought it was terrible. With all the movie hype, I thought, "oh, well, I'll try it again". I definitely liked it more, but yes, the India section is a bit trying - mostly, seeing I am not religious, I found myself apt to fall asleep. But once I got to Bali I was enjoying myself again :)

  7. I LOVED it!

    I read it twice in the same weekend...once I got to the end the first time, I just wanted to read it all over again.

    A lot of people comment about the India section...I think because the rest of the book is so beautifully rooted in common experience (food, friendship, romance), it feels a little airy fairy. Not that religion per se is airy fairy, but living in an ashram and talking about sitting in the palm of God's hand is not something most people will be familiar with.

    Having said that, I really liked the India section FOR that: it's intriguing to take a peek inside an ashram, to learn about someone's personal perspective with regards to faith etc.

    I think the Italy section was my favourite. I am currently harbouring secret dreams of hopping on a plane and writing in little coffee shops around Rome...

  8. 2 weeks in Europe booked (and still have a mortgage... that's what travel points are for)...

    Though I read the book over 2 years ago, I was thrilled to see the movie though it never does it justice!

    Very much looking forward to our week in Italy (to eat and do nothing!)


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