Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hammer time

remember I told you that we were working on our garage a little while back? well this weekend we decided it was time to get physical and attack the cracked concrete driveway.
so we set off to home depot and rented a jackhammer!
it weighed 60 pounds (or 30kg) so you don't really have to do too much, it just hammers up and down and works it's way into the concrete at the pull of the trigger. the hard part is the lifting it back out again - especially if you get it stuck!
Bryce got a great upper body workout!
I gave it a go
as did Hannah - just so we could say we'd operated a jackhammer really... but we were both a bit short for it, so when it came time to lift it back up it was really hard. we decided Bryce was definitely better at it than us. we spent our time filling the wheel barrow with the broken pieces and hauling them away.to our berm
which is coming along nicely!
as Saturday night fell, we gave our neighbours a break from the constant jackhammering (not to mention our hands were raw and our bodies sore)

we didn't realise just how big a job it was to dig up all this concrete... some areas were as a foot deep!
so here's the progress we made in the 24 hours we had the jackhammer, and next weekend we'll do it all over again...


  1. Wow! A foot deep? That seems a bit insane doesn't it? I'm impressed with your ingenuity to reuse the broken concrete for a berm in front of your house. Very resourceful. :)

    Can't wait to see it all finished!


  2. That's a flash pair of safety boots you have on there with the jack
    hammer. I can see that pick bouncing up and going straight through your

    What sought of driveway are you going to put down? That decomposed
    granite would look good.


  3. That looks like hard work!! I bet your arms were very sore the next day. Looking good though!

  4. Ha! The first thing I noticed with you and that jackhammer was the flip-flops. So funny! Glad to see you've still got all of your toes.

    I can't even imagine doing work like that all day and not even being finished! Are you doing inside the garage too? Oh lord.

  5. You should be very proud of your new urbanite berm. I love it for many reasons. First you have created a decorative wall with on-site materials. Secondly, you have defined your corner lot in a shape that complements your site. And lastly, while I love dogs, you have provided a no poop zone for dogs and owners who like to use the corner edges when walking their pooches.

  6. As one of those "neighbors" who recently had to listen to my nextdoor neighbor do the same thing to her patio, I must say - I hope that you don't gain any enemies


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