Tuesday, August 3, 2010

crafting fun

bryce bought me some flowers the other day that were wrapped in this pretty pink fabric and after putting them in a vase, I was inspired to make something of the fabric instead of throwing it in the garbage. here's what I made:
I'd bookmarked this diy wedding pom poms a little while ago, on once wed (love that site!) and decided to modify it a bit to make a cute hair pom pom. it was so easy, took about 20 mins and didn't cost me anything. here's how I made it:

you will need about 1 sq ft of fabric, a glue gun, scissors, and a bobby pin, and gloves
1. cut the fabric* into about 18 to 20 circles (I used an illy coffee can as a guide). the size of the circle is a rough estimate of how big the pom pom will turn out
2. fold the circle in half
3. then half again
4. add glue to the pointy end
5. fold another circle and pinch it together to the one with glue (my glue gun was on a cool setting so I was able to pinch it without burning myself, but you might want to wear gloves when doing this)
6. continue adding the folded circles and layering them to keep a rounded even shape
7. when you get closer to the bottom fold the circles an extra time to give it more puff
8. keep layering the circles
9. make sure you turn it over as you go to check the shape it is forming
10. you can see from the bottom as well where the gaps are
11. when it got to the very lower layers, I found they needed to be shorter so they kept the roundness, so I snipped the end off to make them fit
12. once all the circles are added trim the any parts that might need it
13. next you will need a scrap of fabric and a bobby pin
14. thread the scrap through the bobby pin
15. then turn the bobby pin upside down and apply lots of glue to make secure it, and press down with something other than your finger so you don't burn yourself (I used the silicon mat that came with my glue gun - after finding out the hard way how hot it was...)
16. once the glue is dried the bobby pin should feel really secure, if not add more glue and press. I used black glue so you could see what I was doing, but I'd suggest clear glue
and ta da!
* I don't know what the fabric was that I used but it is quite stiff and shiny, perhaps organza?


  1. So adorable! This craft is definitely making my to-do list for next week.

  2. well, well, this is darling! so happy to find your blog.


    hope you stop by and say hello.

  3. hey gorgeous.. this is indeed crafty!

  4. Wow that looks fantastic! Very creative, I like it!


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