Thursday, July 29, 2010

what would you wish for?

today I am officially on holiday! I have today and tomorrow off, so essentially a four day weekend - woohoo!

Bryce and I usually spend our days off packing as much fun and adventure as we can into every last minute and head back to work feeling tired from our holidays - this week I have taken 2 days off work to stay at home and just potter around the house, but I must say this morning I am feeling at a loss... I have so many plans and just don't know where to begin, every where I look I think yes I can do that, oh and that and fix this and paint that, isn't it funny how when you are given the freedom of time it feels like a burden? like I must spend it wisely!

here are some things I have in mind:
go for a massage
finish the filing
paint my sewing table
redesign my blog
break in my sewing machine (I got for christmas and haven't used yet...)
organise my closets

do you ever feel like that? what would you wish for if you had 2 days off?


  1. you are one lucky lady having a 4 day weekend! i make lists of what i want to do on long weekends but then it never happens...sometimes the thought of packing in a bunch of stuff is exhausting so i end up doing nothing which in the end felt right anyways. I hope you get alot accomplished this weekend!


  2. it seems like every time I have a day off and I don't have plans of actually going somewhere, I blink my eyes and it's like 2:30 or 3:00 and I haven't done anything. Then I spend the rest of the day thinking, 'I could have just taken a half day!' or 'I would be off work in only 3 hours...ugh!' and cramming as much as I can into those last few hours.

    Reality is, even when I go to work I don't get much done at night - I'm too drained. If I had two days off right now I would probably go to the beach all day and relax, then get stuff done around the house the second day. I would super clean (even the baseboards!) and scrub the floors. Getting some painting in would probably be nice, but it's hard to 'schedule' painting when I've really gotta be in a groove to do it.

  3. As someone who can have those two days off whenever I feel like it (ah, the glories of working at home), I can tell you this: you have you two days off. By the time those two days come, you must be careful to actually be productive - a lot of times I take a day or so off to do this and this and this and this, and by the time I'm done creating my list, I realize it's exhausting and spend the day in front of the tv instead. So the minute after you wake up that day, get started on your list, asap! As soon as you cross at least one thing off your list, you'll get so excited to do more and more, it's contagious :)


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