Monday, July 12, 2010

sunset celebration weekend and a give-away

I know it was a month ago, but here are my pictures from the sunset celebration weekend held at the sunset magazine headquarters in menlo park. much the same format as last year but still so many cool things to see, great foods to taste, wines to sip and gardens to see :)
first stop for us was some food and wine and then we found these tillamook love loaf buses which bryce instantly bonded with
they were pretty cool - and so nicely fitted out
then it was on to the glam camping area
this was the Paws Up tent, a place where you can camp without roughing it, a place where you can have your own camping butler... I kid you not!
the airstream was more my idea of glam camping
and if I wasn't so claustrophobic this little guy might work
they even rigged up an outdoor shower
Hawaiian airlines had a station to make lei's, which I planned on going back to but ran out of time
Richard Branson had a stall advertising tickets for flights into space
on this plane here - for about $US120K (bargain!)
then it was on to the test garden. I thought this idea for garden beds was genius and so simple.
love their little glasshouse
we met the sunset chickens
the grounds are really gorgeous - be a great place to work
in the test kitchen we learned that the people who work there aren't chefs but real people who cook the family meal. once the recipes have been created they all have to try them out and give feedback before they are published. doesn't that sound like a cool job?this little guy was the messenger on how the recipe went - if the flag is green you can help yourself to the food
if this flag is flying... well I think you can probably figure that one out for yourselves :)I guess this is how they decide what travel articles they'll write for the year - people just stuck pins on this map
then we were off to the courtyard for some wine tasting
this was our favourite wine we tastedwe really didn't get enough time to see everything and they started packing up before we could see it all
so we snapped some pics
and called it a day - next year we'll go earlier!
and now about that give-away... I have a 1 year subscription to Sunset magazine to give away to a lucky reader in the USA (sorry rest of the world, doesn't seem like they ship to you). All you have to do is leave me a comment below to say hi and tell me what city you're in (just for fun) and I will pick a random winner on Sunday 18 July, 2010.


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  1. What an awesome day! I love sunset magazine - I used to make my mom mail me hers when she was done but she finally got me a subscription of my own. I really like that the people who test/create the recipes in the magazine are normal people! That's awesome.
    And I've written that wine down - I will be trying it out soon!


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