Tuesday, July 13, 2010

poodle (and pooch) parade

on sunday we headed out to the annual poodle parade which as it turns out wasn't exclusive to poodles, there were doggies of all shapes and sizes all over the place!

Hannah with mckenzie, max and cooper poses for a picture while we waited for our turn on the red carpet
gino goes head to head with a french bulldog
we got bored while we waited, there must have been 150 dogs all lined up to strut their stuff, so I thought it would be a good idea to get a cute group photo of gino, charlotte, cooper, mckenzie and max sitting all in a row... here's how that turned out
this was the only cat at the parade - a sphinx cat at that (hairless) and their owners really got into it all dressed up as vampires... I must say I like their umbrella though - I have never seen an umbrella built for 2 (or 3 in this case)
Hannah and Max (awww)
and it was their turn on the red carpet
lots of dogs had to be helped up those stairs, but not little Max, he's a determined little guy
they worked the catwalk and did a trick where Max jumps through Hannah's leg and the crowd was very impressed!
quick stop for the puparazzi (I'm so funny... :P)
dog modeling is so exhausting...
Cody and Gino were up next and he was almost the biggest dog there (so many small fluffy types)
all for the reward of the treat though, hey Gino?awww
ok that's enough now...
this poodle was dressed up like Mr T, I think
we won a $30 gift voucher to a local pet store in a raffle - yay mckenzie!
and now it was Coop's turn, and we were determined to show up clever Max with a combo of tricks :) first high 5
then shake
and then through the leg - yay!
quick photo opand then it was McKenzie's turn which her trick was just making it through without getting too scared (the poor skittish girl)... family portrait
and then they're outta there!
it was so hot so we didn't stick around for much after that, so we cooled down with some frozen yogurt yumminess


  1. poodle parade! that is great! i used to have a miniature poodle but she died several years back...it was sad when she pasted. my bother however just got a standard poodle named moses and he is sooo cute! we joke around saying that he needs to be in the circus because he prances around so elegantly :D this makes we want a pet...right now i am pet less and it makes me sad...trying to convince my landlord & mister if we can get a cat!!!


  2. What an awesome time! I wish they had something like that here - not because I have a pup (we can't get one until me move somewhere bigger) but I would like to just go to watch - I love pups!

    And I can't decide is that vampire cat is cute or creepy. I think the cat is pretty adorable all dressed up, but the combination of vampire kittie with vampire parents is a bit too much for me. gaa!

  3. @cb - aren't poodles great!

    @Amie - you could have brought Abey Cat, do you think she'd go for being dressed up, or on parade? and I'm with you on the creepy vampire people... :P


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