Sunday, July 25, 2010

love you, madly

as we speak Joan is putting the final touches on her make-upDon is contemplating over his glass of whiskey. neat.
and Betty is just being beautiful melancholy Betty...
but at 10pm they all are back to play... and unless you've been living in a shoe under a rock, you'll know that the 4th season of Mad Men starts tonight!

and if you've been anywhere near banana republic these days you'll know that they're casting a role on Mad Men and you just could be the one! Check it out here.
My favourites so far are Nadine, a Real Ad Girl, Jeff, and Joan's sister Colleen :P but I'm not sure I'd want to go behind the magic of mad men, I think it might ruin it... what do you think?


  1. !!!! I am so late to the Mad Men party, I only watched the first season on DVD a couple of weeks ago! But I LOVED it! How sexy are they all?! I have the most massive girl-crush on Christina Hendricks.

    These photos of Joan, Don and Betty are just gorgeous.

  2. doh! i'm 28 minutes late!! i forgot it was on tonight. I checked your blog this morning and this was not here to remind me. Fail!

  3. Kate! I saw Inception this weekend and I really really liked it. I'm a big fan of movies that make you think, and that don't just seem like some other movie you've seen a million times. Good call on it. Now maybe I'll dream that I'm somewhere on vacation instead of at work, and see if it feels like reality to me. :)


  4. I voted for Nadine, too!

    Is it just me or did Don's blind date look like a poor man's version of Betty?

  5. @annelise - I started watching it mid way through and was horrified at the sexist politically incorrectness of it all, but watching it from the beginning is definitely the way to go! love Joan!

    @Christina - it was on again last night, did you see it from the beginning?

    @Bre - glad you liked Inception, I think we're going to go see it again this week :)

    @dolores - omg I totally agree - do you watch TrueBlood? it's the woman who plays the preachers wife on that!


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