Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i heart anthropologie

and did I mention how much I heart internet shopping???
here are my latest anthropologie purchases that were all on sale!
high seas dress, tucked away cardigan, chimney sweep cardigan, ag crops, sparkle bobbies

Amie - I took your advice on this dress, and since it was half price... someone had to buy it!



  1. Ohhh, thanks for the reminder, I have the birthday discount card they sent me to use! Hurrah!

  2. Adorable finds and I LOVE sales! :)


  3. Yes! Someone had to buy it - please let me know how it fits!! They don't have my size anymore...I'm by no means an 'xs' but I'm short and somewhat petite, and I usually have to have all of their dresses hemmed & brought up - I think this one would have been past my knees! I went to the Anthropologie by me to try it on and they didn't have it, so I guess I'll be waiting to find out how it looks on you! :)

    Love that chimney sweep cardigan too! so cute.

  4. SO jealous =) They are beautiful purchases - I love that dress!


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