Friday, July 23, 2010

happy friday

well my friday was cut short today when the fire alarm in my office started going off and everyone had to evacuate the building at about 3:00pm... I took that as a cue to pack up my laptop and call it a day! as I was driving home I heard we'd just had an earthquake, so I guess that's what set the alarm off - not that I felt it (it was only a 3.5).

the sun is shining here and I have 2 sleepy puppies at my feet. we are looking forward to hanging out at home and making some more progress on the house and garden this weekend.

what big plans do you have?

whatever you're doing, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


ps - I took this photo using the ultra hip hipstamatic app on my iphone, while we were driving last weekend :)


  1. I used to love being evacuated from work. Anything to get out of working!

    I actually have plans this weekend, for a change. Work dinner tonight, which they are paying for, as well as the bar tab. I do love that. And on Sunday, I have a date with the couch and Jane Eyre.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just forwarded you an email with pictures taken using the same application in Melbourne.

    This weekend I was looking forward to seeing Inception, visiting Cockatoo Island and going out every night...but I'm recovering from pharyngitis so who knows if I'll even go outside. Terrible.

  3. Ahhh ok, back to Chicago tips!
    Seeing all things Frank Lloyd Wright is a tourist must, but it's actually very cool for locals, too. The Architectural Tour in a boat down the Chicago river is super touristy, but actually, I love it SO much, I think it's the best *tourist trap* in Chicago; we ARE known for our architecture of course! Museums of note are the Art Institute and the Field Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum. Do NOT go to Navy Pier, it is a bore and filled with fast food restaurants and one can admire it from afar, better. Magnificent Mile, aka Michigan Ave., is alright - lots of shopping (but no specialty shops, just stuff you can find everywhere: Gap, JCrew, Burberry, etc) and crowds, but you don't want to be there late at night, there aren't many good bars or restaurants downtown. For said bars and restaurants, I'd go to - everyone's tastes are different, but the city has almost TOO much to choose from, which is why that website is a godsend. Deep dish pizza is famous here, but personally I dislike it, so I can't recommend anything. However, if meat is going to be consumed, you'll be in paradise - it is honest to god the best thing about this city, in my opinion. Notable neighborhoods to hang out in/shop in/eat it/drink in include Wicker Park (super gentrified nowadays, but still reigning champ), Logan Square (a bit less developed as it's up and coming, but brilliant restaurants and bars), Lincoln Park (older and more bougie, but very historical/pretty and has a good selection of restaurants), Pilsen (mexican neighborhood, but also up and coming in an artsy sort of way, go for both the amazing mexican dishes and the little shops and bars and galleries). Stay away from Wrigleyville unless you are a diehard sports fan. Lakeview, Roscoe Village, Edgewater, Bucktown, Andersonville, Ukranian Village and West Town are also pretty good to visit for an overall great assortment of restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Bars are open til both 2am and 4am; on Saturday, that turns into 3am and 5am. However, be aware that 4/5am bars are madhouses come 2am and charge very expensive drinks and are very crowded. The local *paper* with current events and restaurants reviews and concert listings, etc, is called the Chicago Reader, they're free and a new one appears all over the place on Thursdays. And lastly, if I can recommend my favorite bar, it would be the Whistler in Logan Square on Milwaukee avenue - it's a *speakeasy* sort of bar that plays great music (usually rock or soul) and has the most delicious drinks; and for a true meat lover's feast (of which I am, but there's also veggie options), I recommend Kuma's Corner on Belmont for hamburgers. It's a metal bar - they play metal music and have named all their hamburgers after metal bands such as Black Sabbath and High on Fire and they've been featured on TV shows for years; but I'm not kidding, they're the best hamburgers I've ever had. Be prepared to wait a LONG time - last time I went it was over a 2 hour wait, though you can always eat at the bar counter - but trust me, trust me, it's SO worth it. Oddly enough, they make the best mussels I've ever had, too!

  4. aah I'm so jealous! I should pull the fire alarm at my office...that would be WONDERFUL.


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