Friday, July 9, 2010

happy friday

although it was a short week I am so glad it's Friday! and this picture sums up my feeling perfectly - don't you wish you could make time stand still sometimes?
we are getting busy on the garage, planting some tomatoes finally (thanks Melina and Christina), getting roof racks installed on the campervan (so that the canoe stays on) and going to watch Max in the poodle parade this weekend.

what wonderful plans do you have? I hope you get some down time doing whatever it is you're up to!




  1. Lovely blog ~ and what a serene picture! You have the right idea for down time on the weekend, I hope to follow suit :)

  2. A poodle parade? Just the thought of that is making me smile. Gorgeous photo.

    Nothing exciting planned for me - unless you count a night on the couch in front of the tv exciting. Which you shouldn't. I don't. Especially considering it's exactly what I've been doing all week. Anyway. Have a great weekend!

  3. This weekend is so cold and rainy in Perth! So I'm taking advantage of the crappy weather and staying inside! I'm gonna curl up on the sofa and watch old movies... I'm kinda obsessed at the moment!

    3 weeks til I'm off to New York... I'm SO excited!! Still hoping I get some time to hang out with you too! Let me know if you're gonna be around!!

    Deb xx

  4. Wow i love this photo.

    I hope you have a happy weekend.


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