Thursday, June 24, 2010

let's go window shopping

remember that voucher i got for my birthday? well, I have until the end of June to use it but I just haven't had a chance to get to anthropologie yet to see what I want... and since I can't go today, as I am still crazy working... I thought we could just do some online window shopping together instead...

here are some shots I took of the awesome displays last time I was at anthropologie to make you feel like you're there :)
so what's your favourite anthropologie piece right now?


  1. i love anthro dislays! which store is this at? it's fantastic!!!

  2. I'm supposed to pick just one? Oh man.

    I want this bag:

    and I might actually kill for this dress:

    There's too many to pick just one!

  3. Oh I miss Anthropologie! Not only the clothes but their beautiful, beautiful stores.

    So jealous of your voucher, lol. Have fun spending it when you finally get the chance (which I hope is soon!) :)

  4. @Paige - this one is the Santana Row store - I love them too, I am just waiting for them to tell me to stop taking photos....
    @Amie - thanks for playing along, love both of the items you picked out!
    @Natasha - isn't so lovely... and thanks!


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