Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my happy place

after spending the last 2 days in presentation training, and then going home and trying to catch up on all the work I missed, while preparing for the big event I have been working on (which starts on Sunday) I am feeling a little overwhelmed with everything, and have decided that I would like to be laying in a beautiful garden on a bed like this today with zero technology - maybe just a book and my two sungglebugs...

where would you rather be today?


  1. This looks like the perfect place. Can I come too? :) Hope you get some rest today.

  2. Aww I would love to have a space like this to lounge in the sun...
    I would rather be laying in the park with Abbey Cat, catching up on my magazines and books. I've been neglecting them lately and feel very guilty.

  3. This looks so perfect! But today I'm staying indoors with the A/C on as it's too humid to be outside.

  4. oh my goodness. Do you really have a little bed like this in your yard? It looks fantastic.

    I would certainly rather be anywhere but at work today. At home by my pool with the Vogue I just got in the mail yesterday. That sounds like a pleasant afternoon to me. :)

    Just counting down til the weekend. Happy Hump Day!

    Bre @


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