Monday, June 14, 2010

memorial day long weekend - the journey to bass lake

memorial day long weekend Bryce and I packed up the canoe onto the campervan, and headed to Bass Lake to go camping with Melita and Cody
these two got new seatbelts - which they weren't too happy about, but they were safe and sound in their comfy beds
an hour or so in it was time for a rest stop
and after a few pics we were back on the road
the golden hills and perfectly blue sky made it hard not to take a million pictures...we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather (I have not edited these photos at all - the colours were just that vivid)
and here's what they do with all that golden grass...
driving, driving...and then disaster struck. this particular stretch was extremely windy, and as we drove over a hill the canoe moved on top of the roof - which, if you've ever carried a canoe on a car you'll know, it's not good. we had lost one of the supports, and then another... so we pulled over and started the search to find them since we couldn't properly secure the canoe without off we trekked for about 2 miles back from where we'd just come, and we found one of them, but the other one was long gone... these two were happy for the walk at least :)and after walking knee high in the long grasses for what seemed like hours, I came across this guy - have I mentioned my fear and loathing of snakes??? eeeeek!!!
after searching and not finding the second support... we crafted a solution which involved a towel and rope that seemed to hold the canoe in place and we were back on route!


  1. What gorgeous photos!! I've never been to bass lake (or tied a canoe on the top of a car), but it looks lovely. Wonderful fun!

    Oy, it's Monday. And i definitely don't want to be at work right now...

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos!!! Except that they make me even more resentful of the current June gloom where I live. No fair! :(

    Hope you had a lovely weekend xxx

  3. These are really great road trip shots Kate! Sometimes there is nothing like a little weekender to refresh your spirits eh?

    Happy Monday!



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