Friday, June 4, 2010

happy friday!

this was a short week for me with the long weekend and all, but I feel like I packed a 5 day work week into 4 days, so I'm totally ready to dive into this weekend! we're off to sit on a patio and drink cocktails and eat tapas - YUM!

this weekend Bryce is taking me to Wicked in the city for my birthday and we're going to the Sunset celebration weekend on Sunday, which should be lots of fun.

what are you getting up to?


  1. I heard about that Sunset weekend! I was so pumped and was getting ready to take a road trip when I realized just how far it is from me. Oh well....guess I'll have to resort to sitting at home and painting with Abbey Cat for the weekend.

    Hope you have a great time!

  2. I haven't seen Wicked but I've heard that it's excellent, have a great time!

    I'm actually venturing out tonight - first Saturday night in a LONG time (Wow, that makes me sound like a loser!), to a mate's 30th. Very fancy affair - professional photographer and all! I was going to drive, but my friend convinced me to leave the car at home and have a few drinks... my arm is so easily twisted!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE Wicked!!! Have an amazing time.

    And cocktails on the patio sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend.

  4. That photo is absolutely divine. I dream about that every day :)
    And thanks so much for the hair advice! I've actually got quite thick hair... my stylist managed to give it a layered cut and gave me the best curls ever - only problem is, I'm actually terrible at styling my own hair. She taught me how to twirl the pieces and let it air dry so much before taking it under the diffuser and scrunching it... but it just doesn't work so well and my hair ends up looking frizzy, and some pieces fall flat.

    However, at this very moment I'm experimenting with pin curls - i found it pretty easy to do. If it all comes out alright, I may continue doing this!

  5. Love this photo! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. @Amie - ok next year you must come up for the Sunset party, it really is fun, wine tasting, food tasting from their test kitchen, seeing their chickens, give-aways, free cheese and all other good fun stuff!

    @Annelise - Wicked was so good! you must see it is all I'm saying, how did Saturday turn out for you?

    @Cheryl, you're right about Wicked! it was so clever :)

    @Melina - ok we need photos of these pin curls :)

    @Mia - thanks, sounds like you had a great weekend too!


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