Friday, June 11, 2010

happy friday - now...

you guys remember Max right? he's a 7 month old, 5 pound tea cup poodle, but what you don't know about Max is that he is an escape artist! he loves adventure, and running round the neighbourhood all by himself... apparently...

we have been puppy sitting him this week, while Hannah is in Toronto and Coop and McKenzie love having him here. he learnt to use the doggy door, in about 5 mins (he's very smart) and so he can now come and go as he pleases. but today bryce came home to find McKenzie, Cooper and a hole in our fence...

our fence is old and dilapidated and is on our long list of renovations, but today it just got added to the must fix list! apparently when you push at this particular spot in the fence the nails pop right on out and Max being the smart doggy that he is figured this out and decided to go on a little escapade!

he tried this earlier this morning when I was leaving for work too, and shot out the front door just as I was closing it, and took off up the street... mckenzie thought it was the greatest fun chasing me, chasing Max all the way up the block!

so, you can imagine Bryce's alarm when he came home to find that Max was missing - I mean how do you tell a friend that you've lost their puppy??? I rushed home from work and we started door knocking on all our neighbours' doors, and after about 20 houses, just 1 block from our house we knocked on the right door! these guys found Max, called the number on his tags (which is why it so important for your dog to wear a tag with a phone number) and when they couldn't get Hannah, they called the pound. someone had picked him up from them about 20 mins earlier - so we jumped in the car and hightailed it to the local pound. just as we got there a van was pulling into the driveway with Max inside. Officer Tucker who picked up Max was so wonderful and let us take him home (I had visions of him in lockdown over the weekend...) he was really glad to see us, and totally exhausted from his adventure (he's sleeping next to me on the couch as I type)

I just have visions of him scoping out the neighbourhood, sniffing this, peeing on that and running around shouting freeeedom! :P

so, this is a VERY Happy Friday! and I hope you have a wonderful weekend close to the ones you love.


  1. Lol! Naughty little thing. I'm glad you managed to recapture him!

    I agree that it is super important for animals to wear collars with contact details - I have called many an owner after finding their pets wandering the streets. I'm kind of like the informal pound girl, heh.

    And that photo is TOO. CUTE! OMG!

  2. such a scare. glad you found him. i can't imagine having to tell a friend, um, you're dog ran away and we couldn't find him/her...

  3. oh my gosh! Such a naughty boy! I worry my cat will escape through window. She doesn't have much common sense and I fear she would run straight into the road.

  4. What a cutie. I have an escape artist myself and they are a tricky bunch :)

  5. Wow - I had no idea he felt the need to escape. Honestly. That little bugger is in so much trouble when I get back!!!

  6. Ohmygod! Thank goodness you found him! And I have to say that I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that photograph, it's the most darling thing in the world!

  7. Scary! So glad you found him!

    I love that picture, by the way.



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