Monday, June 21, 2010

happy first anniversary house!

saturday marked a year since we became home owners of this gorgeous little 3 bedroom 1951 ranch house in sunny california, and looking around not too much has changed as far as renovations but thank goodness for before and after photos we can be proud of the things we have done :)we started with replacing the old washer and dryer with these lovelies and in the process came across these
we tore out the aged and chunky carpets
to find these beautiful hardwood floors

we tidied up the yard a bit
we learned how to prune trees
and came up with a garden plan
we still haven't removed the wallpaperas it's kind of grown on us...
but we have done stuff on the garage. first to go was our rat infested dry rotted potting shedthen we organised the inside
and most recently we gave it a new door
we have picked out some paint colours but there is still lots to do before we paint
we have watched the seasons come and go
and are constantly surprised by little gifts in our gardenand from the housewe've welcomed a new family member herewe've celebrated here
bryce asked me to marry him here
and we're looking forward to what the next year here will bring as time rushes by...


  1. Such a lovely post, Kate! I adored this! Congrats to you both, it's so lovely to see the progress!

  2. I adore this post Kate. It's amazing how fast time can fly by, and it's even more amazing how much work the two of you have done in just one year. Congrats to your one year in the house mark, we look forward to seeing what is next to come. :)

    p.s. I'm glad to hear you decided to do Half Dome. I'm sure you will love it. :)

    Bre @

  3. Love this Kate, and congratulations on the anniversary of your home...even though it probably doesn't feel like you've gotten that much stuff done over the past year it's hard to do home renovations and work and live life all at the same time. It looks great! I've always wondered why old homes have horrible carpet...why would ANYONE put carpet over something so beautiful? I'm baffled by this.

  4. that is an amazing amount of work you put into your house- charming!

  5. thanks everyone - it's nice to see in one place all the changes :)


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