Monday, June 21, 2010

feel the fear

today I am facing one of my worst fears - speaking in public. I am doing a 2 day course which is supposed to stop me melting into the floor any time I have to get up in front of people... wish me luck!

what's your biggest fear?


  1. You will do wonderfully!

  2. Snap! That's my biggest fear also. I hate speaking out, even in a meeting around a table. I just hate everyone looking at me! You will do brilliantly on the course and it will be such a step forward to get over the fear :D

  3. Public is speaking is right up there for me too! I'm very fair with red hair so I have the added bonus of blushing like a belisha beacon the minute I have to speak up in a group.

    I think it's a great idea to take a course in something like this. Face your fears, etc.

    Hope it all goes well xxx

  4. Surprisingly I'm perfectly fine speaking in worst fear is much more pathetic: I'm terrified of the dark. Not like walking down the street and it's a little dark, but being somewhere with NO light at all, where I can't tell where I am or what's around me. I have panic attacks and start hyperventilating and go nuts.

    When I was a little girl my brother and his mean friends would lock me in this little closet above the stairs - it was pitch black and I would bang on the door and cry and scream. They thought it was hilarious - I still have nightmares!

  5. pretend they're all naked (then again maybe it's best not to) but at least it'll calm you down and might give you a laugh!
    Good luck, you'll do fine!

    Mine is heights, snakes and creepy crawly insects and dark water (like out in the sea)

  6. Oh God. I am absolutely with you on this one. I hate hate hate hate HATE public speaking! It strikes fear into my little heart like nothing else. I really envy people who are naturals at it!

    Best of luck with your course! *hug*

  7. Add public speaking to The List of Things That Make Me Want To Vom. I had to do two presentations for uni recently and they are just horrid. Some people are so relaxed about it. I'm sure you'll do perfectly!

  8. thank you everyone for your faith in me - I actually surprised myself, and by the end of the day was speaking confidently at the front of the room, which I thought was impossible!

    I've learnt a lot today, imagine how good I'll be after tomorrow??? :D

    and Amie, I am totally afraid of the dark too! oh and snakes and dark water Olivia... wonder how I get over those fears...?


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