Tuesday, June 8, 2010

bridesmaid dresses perhaps?

hannah and I went on a small shopping spree the other day at loehmann's, where I bought 1 dress + 1 scarf + 1 cardi + 1 fedora + 1 top + 2 tanks + 1 pair of trackies = $119 (love that) but, I digress....

while on the subject of talking about my wedding (or lack of one) we were delighted to find these lovelies... for those of you reading this that were born after 1986, you may not get my horror - but wow... 80's fashion just won't let go will it???
don't get me wrong these would look fabulous on the right 5'10" skinny girl, but I guess there aren't too many of them around as they had plenty of these left on the racks...

hands up how many of you had a dress just like this say oh about 20 years ago...? :P (mine was just like this blue one)


  1. I love these bubble dresses. I love all the colors too. It'd be fun to have a rainbow assortment of maids :). Just a thought...

  2. I guess the 80's hasn't scared you then Tanya? I just don't think I can go there... (again) :)

  3. I have to be honest, I don't hate them, either. I don't care for the colors, but the and the little flaps over the breasts, but the style overall is kind of cute. Am I nuts?


  4. these would look great on your awesome little figure Kelly :)

  5. hmm... in a way, if they were extended down into floor-length dresses, they wouldn't be that far off from a 50s gown, either...

  6. Hey! I was born in '86 (I know, I know...I'm a baby) but I still think these are pretty hilarious. The colors are actually quite pretty, but I've tried on numerous dresses like this and I actually look like I should be in a musical rendition of bubble boy (or girl). My short and stumpy body just looks like a ridiculous blob in them...not the best look, especially for bridesmaids!!

    And don't be pessimistic, you WILL get married!! What would wedding planning be without changes of plans, hiccups and delays??

  7. Blreeugh. The 80s stuff really is gross. I never had a dress like this (I was born in 1980 so was a bit young for strapless dresses...) but I probably sure as hell wanted one. My aunty had an apricot coloured dress, similar colour to the one above and I just adored it. Now, it makes me shudder!


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