Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bay to breakers or bust

I can't believe that Bay to Breakers was already a month ago... where does the time go? well it was lots of fun, but not for the reasons that we discovered last year. this year we thought it would be a fun idea to take Cooper and McKenzie since they love going for long walks... so we drove up to the city just in time to get at the back of the crowd (since we didn't want to crowd the doggies)
and the familiar suspects were there
in their skimpy outfits, drinking to keep warm - it was freezing at this hour
I guess fashionably late is ok for this thing as there were still plenty of people getting across the starting line
and we were off for the 7 mile walk
the last of the floats was noisy
and someone didn't like the noise...
so we sat back and watched the crowd go by for a bit
we saw some clever costumes - this one was smart and they were dispensing wine too (at 8am)
this was my favourite costume though - Tiger Woods
we were amazed that the clean up crew were right behind the last of the crowd
but someone decided it was not cool... too noisy, too many drunk silly people too early...
so we watched them walk off to the breakers
and decided on plan b, and headed back to the bay :)
which was perfectly quiet and peaceful
and instantly they were happy again :)
we decided to walk our own 7 miles or so
Coop really wanted to get in the water at this point...
McKenzie thought he was nuts...
then we spied this tower in the distance, and thought we'd go check it out
look right or is that left? so confused these days...
and up the hill we trekked
the views were amazing
and then we found it - Coit Tower
then we headed back down the hills
to see what else we could find. we walked up some hills and down some more hills
and it turned out to be a fun day
at the end of the trip we came across a pet shop that Cooper dragged us into - McKenzie thought she found a shortcut... which of course I had to take photos of before getting her out :P
then back in the car
mission accomplished...
two tired pups

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