Saturday, May 1, 2010

she was married on a Tuesday

one of my co-workers took her lunch break on Tuesday and instead of eating lunch at her desk which happens a lot at my office (since we are in the middle of an industrial area and there is not much to see...) she headed off to the court house with her boyfriend and got married. just like that - she came back to the office a married woman, and continued to work the rest of the day.

I think this is totally romantic - they didn't tell anyone (except her boss as she wasn't sure how long she would be gone), paid the $10 extra for the court to provide a witness, and just got married.

what do you think?


  1. I've always thought there was something a little romantic about "eloping", even if it's just to the local courthouse. Like Carrie in SATC! Plus think of all the money you'd save- yeesh. You could sure go on an awesome trip if you didn't have to worry about paying for coordinating napkins and flowers and bridesmaid dresses. I like her style.

  2. Getting married in secret is totally romantic. Especially when your spouse doesn't even know... :P

  3. I think everyone's path is different and you do what works for you. I swore up and down that I never wanted a wedding, but I'm SO grateful that my husband pressured me into our HUGE affair. Which was 35ish people. :)


    p.s. We went to the courthouse a few months before and did the deed without telling anyone. At that point we'd been engaged almost six months and the entire wedding was pretty much planned. We did it for logistic reasons, but OHMYGOSH did it take the edge off of things. I highly recommend it!

  4. Personally - this is my story - this is exactly what Bill & I did. We had gotten the license a few days beforehand, made the appointment w/the judge, & a couple of people that I/we worked with were headed out of town that afternoon. Sydney & I had worked quite closely together, & we had been out w/her & her husband Jeff quite a few times, know her mom & dad, etc. So, they were our witnesses. When the ceremony was over, & everyone signed on the dotted line, they left for their vacation, we went to lunch. I hadn't planned on taking the afternoon off, in fact no one except Sydney & Jeff knew what was going to happen. Kinda the same scenario from there - I decided I had to tell my boss, she happened to be at my location that day, as we had to go into downtown Portland, + lunch, so I didn't know exactly, or even a good guesstimate as to when I'd be back. She was quite surprised & told me to take the afternoon off as her gift - didn't make me use my PTO time. It worked for us, and has worked for some other folks I know, but it's not for everyone - remember that every situation is different, however the MOST important thing to remember, is that the day, time, place, etc., belong solely to you & Bryce! As far as the occupants of this house are concerned, we are here to support you in/with whatever decision(s) you make. The absolute most important thing is that whatever, whenever, whereever, just make sure that it makes you & Bryce happy & if the rest of the world has issues, well then that's just tough cookies! Your happiness is all that matters! Besides the, already given part, is that there will be champagne, and I will get some!

  5. I think that is absolutely gorgeous! I have a friend who is planning her "Princess Day" and I try to remember everyone is different but I can't help rolling my eyes!

    When (if) I get married, I'd like to think I'd do something similar. Maybe have the afternoon off, rather than go back to work, but all the same!

  6. See? It's perfect. I don't need to see any 200-guest weddings to convince me otherwise. To each his/her own, and the more obsolete the better!

  7. we did the same as Kelly- courthouse in secret and wedding a few months after :) again do what makes you happiest..


  8. I think that's pretty badass, but at the same time I would totally regret it later on. I can't wait to get married and celebrate with all of our family and friends...We are both the youngest in our family and will have been dating for probably 7+ years before we finally tie the knot (already at 5+, we're getting there!) and it will be like a 'holy crap, they are finally doin it' type thing. But in a super cute and fun way. And what better way to get all of your friends and family that you haven't seen for years to come out and visit?

    I think this is great for some people, but I can't wait for a huge celebration of our own.


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