Monday, May 17, 2010

monday you surprised me!

for me, today started with the dread of the dmv, or as I would call it the motor registry - both equally as bad government departments that delight in trapping you in a dreary building for hours on end, with a sometimes confusing waiting line and service people that generally don't know what a smile is if they fell over one... over the weekend Bryce nicely pointed out that I have been driving an unregistered car for about 2 weeks... oops!

so after dealing with that drudgery and then drama after drama at the office, it all just seemed a bit too much madness for even a monday, and I remembered why I don't like mondays... then, this afternoon I went to have a peek at the week old kittens one of the wonderful women at my office rescued, and I had a whole new perspective on the day.

these little guys (6 of them) were abandoned by their mum and left to die in the car park of an office building, they are sleeping in a card board box, are poked at and fondled all day long by humans who feed them and then rub their little butts to make them poop... (I being one of those guilty humans) then a funny thing happened, a little tear escaped for these little guys - and I am not usually a cat person!luckily they all have homes to go to once they are old enough to leave their new mum so all in all it's a great Monday, and I think I should not be so swift to judge poor old Mondays in the future!

do you think we can turn this stigma around that Monday has gotten for itself? what's your good Monday story?


  1. I used to not work on Monday's and that made them AWESOME. But I am working on Monday's at the moment and mine was just the worst day no nice stories from me.

  2. I don't work or have uni on Mondays or Tuesdays, but by the time Wednesday rolls around... Urgh, it's like Monday and Hump Day all in one. No hideous/wonderful stories from me either.

    Kittens! Ah! So sad they were abandoned :( but so happy they have new homes :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week, hope it's as good, if not better!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad they've been rescued! And hopefully they all get "fixed". There's a stray in my neighborhood that looks like she recently had kittens. I really want to find them and take them in to get fixed.

    By any chance, is one of the homes yours? :-)

  4. thanks Annelise!

    nope, Amanda my house is already a 2 doggy house - a kitten would just make it a bit crazy! and yes, they will be definitely be 'fixed' there are so many cats around my office...

    raising kittens is a big job it seems, they need to be fed a few times an hour and then you need to rub their butts so they poop and pee (apparently the mumma cat usually licks them to make it happen - ah, motherly love...)

  5. Ahh...the dreaded turn that a cute little kitten can do to a dog person. I hated cats growing up...HATED them. We had big dogs and were very anti small pets, until I had an apartment and entertained the idea of getting a kittie for myself. One trip to the shelter, and one sickly pathetic kittie and I was sold. As you can tell, I'm kinda crazy about her. :)


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