Thursday, May 20, 2010

lost and found - wanna help me find these people?

on Sunday while we were walking around San Francisco, I found a memory card for a camera. I looked around to see if anyone looked like they'd lost it but nobody was around... so I put it in my bag and didn't really think too much about it for the rest of the day, but then when I found it in my bag on Monday I decided to see what was on it and these are the people I found (how cute are they?)
once I looked at their pictures I knew that I had to do whatever I could to get them back to their rightful owners, so I thought I would try the power of the web to see if I could find them. I listed an ad on craigslist, but thought I would start posting the pics online, on facebook etc and see if anyone knew these people - kinda like 6 degrees of Kevin BaconI have been looking at all the pictures for days now to try and get some clues, but I need some help - which is where you come in :)

First clue I thought might help is the jerseys he's wearing - do you recognise either of them? I have no clue if it's baseball, hockey or basketball or none of the above...this photo here I think is my biggest clue if only I worked at the DMV I could just look up the plates... but, I don't. so I think he could be a marine (by the sticker on the car) and or live in north carolina
now this photo could be misleading, yes it does snow in north carolina occasionally, and people who live with lots of snow don't get excited about building snowmen (generally) but then there's the Kansas jersey, does it snow in Kansas? he's an Obama supporter, so I am guessing he's American, but then I listed to this video
and it doesn't seem like they are speaking english, but I can't figure it out - anyone understand what language they are speaking?

so here's my plan, any clues I can gather here will help. I am going to post this link to my facebook and ask my friends on facebook to post it to theirs and so on... if you'd like to post it to yours that'd be great too!

of course if you know them that would be the hugest coincidence ever, and the search would be over!


  1. Good grief! I hope you find them, or they find you! It would be horrible to lose all your photos like that. I would cry.

    I did have a giggle, though, thinking thank goodness there was nothing dodgy on the card or you would have gotten a bit of a shock ;)

  2. haha - the thought did cross my mind Natasha... :) but nope, just some tourist photos :)

  3. This will make the best story ever when someone lets you know they know who these people are! And I'm positive someone will get in touch with you because the internet is a teeny tiny village.

    Hahah, the thought of there being naughty photos on there are hilarious!

  4. This is such a lovely idea!!! I like the mix of do-gooding and super-sleuthing ;-)

  5. sweet snowman, that's huge


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