Saturday, May 22, 2010

let's decorate already!

you know I came to the realisation today that I have the perfect opportunity with our house right now to experiment...

I feel like I have been waiting to make it pretty until it is fully renovated - we are living in this house and just 'dealing with' the pink bathroom, random wallpaper (which is starting to grow on us) and having that attitude of one day we'll do this, that and that... but hey, why wait???

I decorate this corner or that space again and again in my head, I obsess over photos of beautiful spaces and imagine how I can make it work in our spaces, but really what am I waiting for??? I don't have to wait till the walls are perfect before I paint them or hang things on them, I can do it now and then if I make mistakes it's not such a big deal! I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner...

so first I am starting with my hallway which currently looks like this
this cheery stripy wallpaper has to go, as mckenzie decided for us when we first got her, but for now I am just going to ignore it and start on this space here
here's some inspiration I've been saving in my files
photo here
photo here
photo here
photo herephoto here
photo here

stay tuned for photos :)


  1. I love the idea of clustering photos or artwork together like that on the walls. On the insert in the Kate Nash album, there is a photo of a wall with gorgeous black and white photos and drawings sprawling across it, and I've loved the idea ever since I saw it there.

    Good luck with the decorating!!!

  2. great inspirational photos. wallpaper certainly has it's charm, but it's a fine line between tack and charm sometimes..


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