Tuesday, May 18, 2010

every cloud has a silver lining - I'm sure...

imagine this - you've been planning your great european vacation for months now, researched online and read up on all sorts of places you want to go, booked your flights, bought train tickets, shopped for the perfect walking shoes, the perfect sun dress, the perfect bag to take, organised dog sitters, ride to the airport - everything is pretty much set, except for packing the perfect wardrobe in the perfect bag and getting to the airport...

then the day before you're about to jump on that plane your tummy feels a little crampy - you know like us woman get the joy of feeling every month or so... which sucks... but what if it feels a bit more painful that usual? and you feel a bit strange... so just to be on the safe side, you call your doctor, who decides it's probably best if you duck into the office for a check-up - that won't take long.

fast forward about 10 hours and you're laying in a hospital bed in the er about to have your appendix removed.

yes, this is a true story that happened to my dear friend Melita yesterday :(

ok, this really sucks, I mean the day before your awesome vacation you're told you can't go, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. yes, of course she considered going anyway, (it's Melita we're talking about) but her doctor put the fear of god into her when she told her that they could burst whilst in mid air, and then they'd have to do an emergency landing and if she didn't make it to the hospital on time she would die!

so instead of this being a post about poor Melita I am here to turn it around and come up with a list of reasons why this is a good thing!

1. british airways was striking anyway, so you could have been sitting in an airport highly frustrated, instead of doped out in a hospital with people waiting hand and foot on you
2. it's currently overcast, grey and cold 13 C (55 F) in London with a high of 17C (62 F) brrr
3. liquid diet = skinny
4. the tube workers are going on strike in London (do you see a pattern here?)
5. girls with scars are cool
6. think of all the blogging you can catch up on
7. Kate Nash, Bon Jovi (I know how you love them), John Mayer, Cypress Hill & Michael Bolton are just a few of the wonderful bands playing in Amsterdam in june
8. Paris is much more romantic in June, (not that I have been) but there is the naked bike ride, what could be more romantic than naked people on bikes???
9. the fete de la musique in Paris in june
10. the weather in Paris is alright now, but way nicer in June
11. the sortilege betovering is on in Brussels in June, think scavenger hunt meets renaissance fair = fun
12. and if these are not enough to make you feel better - here are some baby sea otters that are sure to put a smile on your face!

any more that I am forgetting?


  1. Ohmygosh, Melita, thank goodness you're okay. Europe will always be there. Now you have more time to shop online for vacay clothes, anyway.

    Feel better, lady!


  2. Kate you sound like such an awesome friend to make such a happy list of reasons why this is a good thing. Feel better soon Melita. It will be a way better trip in June because June is just so much better than May. (Its my bday month) :)

  3. Here's one you forgot:

    If you wait a bit longer, there will be many many more opportunities to get those perfect outfits together. Right now, all the spring dresses and lovely pieces are full price, but come late June-ish they will all go on sale!! So you can save up that money, have cute clothes, and have extra cash in hand for Europe!

    But it still sucks. Really, REALLY sucks.

  4. Ohmygod, that's terrible! I hope she feels better, trip aside!

  5. Lovely picture! I hope youre friends feels better. Cute blog!

  6. Oh my goodness, the poor thing! I hope she gets better soon! That sucks :(

    But! You are right! I was in Paris last June and it was SO AWESOME! The weather was beautiful and the sun didn't set until 10.30pm, so the days just went on and on. The fete de la musique was just amazing! Concerts and buskers all over the city ... dance parties in the street ... I never thought that I would be dancing in a Paris street to a cover band singing YMCA and It's Raining Men but there I was! Lol!

    She'll have a great time when she gets there :)

  7. Hi Kate,

    What a bummer for her. I also think the volcano in Iceland erupted again causing flight cancellations and delays!! Hope she is better soon.


  8. Oh no, poor Melita! Still, at least she found out before she got on the plane! How disappointing though, to be all geared up to go...

    And your point was made with Bon Jovi! (I'm such a closet fan of theirs!)

    Hope you're feeling better, Melita!

  9. Oh no! I hope she gets better quickly. Something else to add to the list: cancellations due to the volcanic ash cloud. The airports over here have been closed again this week so her flight may well have been cancelled anyway...


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