Monday, May 24, 2010

beautiful bride

is this not the most breathtaking photo of a bride? I love it! make sure you check out the rest of emily and dan's wedding photos here on once wed
I love their style - this shot is so carolyn and john don't you think?
I know a few of you (my friends and family who read this blog) are wondering what's going on with our wedding planning, but really there is nothing to update you on... we thought we had a plan in europe this summer, but the stars are not aligning the right way for that right now, so we've really just stopped planning for now.

the latest thought was that we'd put it off for another year or so, but who knows... as soon as we have a plan that can work I'll let you know :) until then, let's continue to gush over other people's weddings - ok?



  1. It's definitely one of the nicest wedding photos I've ever seen - 'nice' isn't quite enough of a description though! It's a gaze-worthy photo, for sure.

    I remember reading somewhere that Carolyn Bessette is the benchmark for all brides. Her whole look was stunning in its simplicity.

    Good luck with your wedding planning, you sound pretty relaxed about it all, not like some of the bridezillas I've seen around blogland!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful bride! I absolutely adore her dress.



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