Monday, May 3, 2010


We have a semi-functioning kitchen! With the exception of the kitchen sink and dishwasher our kitchen is now in full effect! Yesterday I deflowered the stove and made healthy huevos rancheros that were the best thing we've eaten in a while. Then we went shopping and stocked the new fridge with tons of FRESH food and I'm already planning all the delicious dinners we'll enjoy over the next few weeks. I still had to wash the dishes in the bathtub after breakfast yesterday, but with an awesome stove like this, who cares? We also installed the chandelier that I got at WestElm home decor and am completely in love with.

Here's the wine/beverage fridge. I don't know how much we'll actually use this thing, but I still like having it

Lovely capiz shell chandelier - one of my best purchases
We need to be very careful not to light the cabinets on fire with this thing
I forgot to mention that I found this Thermador on Craigslist for a mere $300Cody modeling our well stocked fridge
An external view - it's so shiny and lovely :)
Sorry, again with the cooktop, but I love it so much!
And last, here is the double microwave/oven which was another steal I found at the Sears appliance outlet. I saved a ton of money shopping there. If only I had noticed the missing racks and missing side panels at the time...


  1. Lovely! How fun to have shiny new appliances...I dream of the day.

  2. Thanks Amie! Sad but true, I organized my tableclothes yesterday and spent a lot of time opening the drawers over and over gloating at cute everything looked.

  3. I love it!!! And I CANNOT BELIEVE you scored that cooktop for three hundred bucks!

  4. Love your chandelier! Just awesome. So fun that you were at the flea market, too! Do you live in SF? We should meet up for a coffee sometime if so.

  5. Wow. LOVING your kitchen!! ( and your blog :) new follower. xx

  6. @ Jayne - Kate and I both live near San Francisco and would love to meet up sometime just let us know when/where maybe we could have wine instead of coffee :) @ Sarah- Thank you so much and welcome!! :) @ Kelly - yes, I totally STOLE that cooktop. It is a total champ and I'm loving having gas to cook with.

  7. I seriously laughed out loud (I don't 'lol') at 'deflowered the stove'. Great description!

    And that chandelier? Spectacular! It looks very dramatic against the dark walls.


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