Thursday, April 22, 2010

the welcome experiment - give away

this is officially my last ditch effort for my sad little social experiment... I thought maybe if you knew what the give-away was you'd feel compelled to send me a photo of your front door with a link to your blog and I could post them all, make it to my goal of 50 doors and then hand out this wonderful prize of a home depot giftcard (or hardware store in your country) with a value of $US80...
fingers crossed!


  1. Hi Kate, I promise I will take a pic and post this weekend! Promise. I like the idea of your experiment (not a sad one)so I want to participate.


  2. YAY!!! I guess bribery works :P

  3. I already sent mine. Am I already entered for the giveaway?

  4. Hi Kristi - yep you're definitely entered! :)


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