Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wedding invitation inspiration

after my wedding invite post the other day I got inspired to get some ideas down on paper, so last night I dusted off the box of pencils and had some fun little McKenzie oversaw things (can you see her little black face?)and although I'm no Anna Bond it's fun to doodle while watching (the very frustrating) Lost... and so far, I kinda like my mish mash of all the ideas I posted the other day...
but especially my addition of the party lights
I'll post the finished version soon


  1. very cool - love all the colours..

  2. Love the conglomeration of it all Kate!

    You know, I'll be living vicariously through your wedding and all the planning lol.

  3. thanks guys! am excited to draw some more tonight! do you guys think my name should come first or Bryce's? he seems to think mine, but I'm just not sure on wedding invite etiquette...

  4. Ladies first I say!! I think the wedding etiquette is what you make it.... tradition smadition

  5. The pennants and little ballies are perfect!


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