Friday, April 2, 2010

rrrracing and red meat

last thursday we went go-kart racing for Bryce's birthday (yes the celebrations lasted all week) and aside from looking like grimace I had a blast!cody getting ready to rob a seven eleven...hannah doing it ninja style
helmets on
seatbelts on
and we're ready for racing!
Rosy getting ready to race again
Melita looked like a Charlie's angel in that black suit
hannah looked like a super hero
here we are with our lap times (I came last...)
and the winners are...
Rosy, Cody and Bryce
then we went to Town for some delicious dinner! if you're ever in San Carlos and need a good spot for dinner, this place was awesome!

the kobe sloppy joe sliders
the crab crusted filet
flier's teriyaki skirt steak
baseball cut steak
and then it was time for warm bread pudding and birthday songs for the two birthday boys (Cody)
and Bryce

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