Tuesday, April 6, 2010

really scrabble???

OK, here's a nerd alert for you - I love scrabble! but hearing news this morning that they plan to 'change the rules to allow proper nouns' is just ludicrous! what is the point??

'for the first time in nearly 62 years, popular word game Scrabble will change its rules to allow celebrity names and companies.

The decision, by games giant Mattel, will allow the celebrity, geographic and sports worlds to invade the most popular word game, as players would be permitted to use names like London, brand labels including Pepsi, and star monickers such as Jordan, Beyonce and Shakira.

Mattel has promised the new rules will be a “great new twist” to encourage younger players to take part. It is also considering allowing words to be spelled backwards and upwards on the board -- and the placing of letters unconnected to other words.'

photo here


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