Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspiring Tile

I went out the other day to look at counter tops and kitchen tile for the back splash and came across so many tile choices I couldn't believe it. Basically, for the kitchen back splash and fireplace facade, we're going to do simple white subway tiles for a clean and elegant look, but the bathroom projects have been on my mind a lot since those are the next big things we're doing. I am so full of ideas and excitement for how they'll turn out after seeing all of these choices below.
Here are some nice bubbles that I think could look really good in the master bath. We're not doing a tub in there and instead will have one giant shower with two shower heads. I love how all these circles look together and can imagine doing circles on the walls, using the bubbly glass bricks, and the circle floor. What do you think, too many circles?
I also really liked these glass tiles below. The Moroccan feel was really cool and I can imagine these on the walls forming a sort of mural with rich paint and a frame less glass shower.
For the guest bath I'm going to install a giant white soaking tub with a shower over head and I thought these glass tiles below were so pretty. I especially liked the amethyst color and hadn't considered purple for the bathroom until now. I love it against that pretty green and the creamy colored tile to the right.
My aunt would have loved this red tile! I think it'd be better for the master bath, but I guess it could go anywhere. It's so dramatic and gorgeous. I can see it covered all the walls and the shower. Not sure what sort of floor would go with it though....
And last, I thought these swirly tiles mosaics were so cool. I wouldn't have to do much if this was covering a wall. In fact, I could probably get away with just doing one wall in this and then doing plain, creamy travertine or whatever on the floor and in the shower. Or even doing ice blue glass tile in the shower and a neutral floor. Can't decide if this would be for the master or the guest bath though.
Oh, and no, I didn't pick the counter tops or the back splash/fireplace tiles yet. I had my heart set on white marble, but the guy kind of talked me out of it. It's super expensive and I guess it's hard to maintain, cracks easily, and stains like crazy. But it's SO pretty I may just do it anyway...

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  1. we are in a new rental which has marble vanity top and I have to agree with the guy, it's easy to wipe clean and all but one of the construction people left some nails on a small section of the vanity and it left rust dots and there is no way of removing them!


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